VICTOR Auraspeed 90 S: Does the new top racket do what the name promises?

Speed is the claim of VICTOR´s new top racket. Our expectations are clear: excellent handling and great ball acceleration. According to the manufacturer, this should be made possible by the new WES and R.T.C technologies, which ensure a higher rebound effect and a better angle for powerful smashes. The shaft, which is still relatively stiff, should, in combination with a light grip, provide excellent drive play and the desired lightness on defensive shots.

One would suspect a dream, but is that also so? 5 test players of the BADLAB racket team were very excited to test the VICTOR racket with the AURASPEED 90 S for the first time. And because every racquet that is different from your own racquet feels strange at first, every test player has consistently played the Auraspeed 90 S exclusively for several weeks - in grip strength G5 and medium weight (U3). For stringing, we decided on a VICTOR string VBS 68 - wound with 10 kg and 12 kg, depending on the tester's preference.

The evaluation was again carried out in the categories "Handling", "Impact / Ball Control", "Power" and "Forgives imprecise hitting", all on a scale from 1 star (hardly applies) to 5 stars (fully applies).

First impression: The AURASPEED 90 S is actually light and unconditional in your hand - even though it is strung with 91 g, rather in the heavyweight class. The handling ratings of our testers clearly reflect the manufacturer's promise on this point. The Auraspeed 90 S is a real weapon for a fast double play. Unanimous handling rating: 5 stars!

Anyone who plays badminton well and hits the shuttlecock clean should be prepared for a convincing "touch and ball control". The rating is also in the upper range: 4.5 stars

In the category "Power for long clears and hard smashes", the predominantly positive reviews resulted from the good feasibility of long clears. In this regard, the racket material forms an effective unit with the rather larger racket head. The Auraspeed 90 S could not fully convince the “hard hitters” among us when it came to effectively implementing their own power when smashing. But this is the logical downside of excellent handling. Nevertheless, the AURASPEED 90 S also achieved a relatively high rating in this category: 4 stars

If you do not have such a clean punch technique, you have the AURASPEED 90 S, a racket that compensates for this relatively well and still brings something unexpectedly back to your opponent. In the category "forgive inaccurate hitting with the racket" he achieved almost 4 stars with our testers.

We should not go unmentioned that all testers were concerned with the rather special but high-quality optics: a metallic-effect paint finish on black alternating between purple and green with elements in silver, turquoise and neon green. In addition a white grip tape.

Overall judgment of the BADLAB racket group: The current trend towards racquets with a combination of power and light grip weight seems to be prevailing. The VICTOR AURASPEED 90 S does not need to hide in this area! On the contrary, it combines excellent handling properties with very good ball control and for the category of above-average power. We recommend this all-round talent for advanced badminton players, especially in doubles. It is certainly not a coincidence that e.g. the world class double player Lee Yang from Chinese Taipei (currently with his partner number 10 in the HD world rankings) is playing the AURASPEED 90 S.

Overall rating without ifs and buts: 4.5 stars!

02. December 2019

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