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The individual badminton racket models are described in detail on the websites of badminton brands and retailers: weight, balance, shaft flex, frame structure and material mix. There is also a recommendation for the type of player for which the respective racket could be suitable. Ambitious hobby players can only use this information to a limited extent to help them make a decision when purchasing.

The 8 women and 8 men of the Badminton Laboratory's beater group want to give you more differentiated impressions. In extensive practical tests, each tester evaluates the following 8 statements for each individual badminton racket using a scale from 1 (not applicable) to 5 (fully applicable):

1.The racket has power. It helps me get pressure behind my smashes and clears.
2.The racket has good handling properties when I e.g. must act quickly in defence and on the network.
3.The racket forgives inaccurate meeting. The ball can also be played relatively well outside the center of the club head.
4.The racket gives me good control when hitting, so that I can place the ball precisely.
5.The racket gives me a good feeling for the ball during the short game.
6.The racket is well suited for single play.
7.The racket is well suited for the double play.
8.My personal overall impression of this racket is very good. The badminton racket would basically come into question for me.


18. February 2020

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